From traditional telephone systems at the customer’s office to revolutionary cloud telephone systems at the external data centre.
Whether it’s ISDN or SIP, we team up with our accomplished partners to find the perfect solution for you – gearing up for the future today.

Cloud telecommunication system – virtual and secure telephoning

The Internet has brought fundamental change to the workplace. Today, employees located around the world can easily connect via the company’s telecommunication system.

Virtual phone systems in data centres are increasingly replacing traditional hardware systems at the customer’s office. Telephoning is made possible via the Internet using the VoIP protocol (Voice over IP) as a pure software solution. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to install local servers. These location-independent virtual telephone systems come with great advantages, e.g. easy integration of several locations, integration of home office solutions, intelligent failure safety concepts, etc.

There is no application better suited for the Cloud than the virtual telecommunication solution.


VoIP is a powerful alternative to traditional ISDN technology. You can choose between pure IP connections or a traditional ISDN connection. We would be happy to introduce you to the new possibilities of VoIP technology.

Telephone equipment and systems – quality solutions for important calls

Tweeting, posting, chatting, text messages, emails … There are countless ways of communicating today. But when push comes to shove, nothing can replace a personal conversation. There are situations when a phone call is inevitable.

Service numbers

At CONVEND, we actively shape change and help companies strategically adapt their customer dialogue. We apply our expertise and communication solutions to assist companies in turning interested parties into enthusiastic new customers over the phone or the website.