From traditional Internet access to flexible MPLS or transparent Ethernet: We find tailor-made solution for your corporate communication system with our accomplished partners.

SD WAN – efficient and intelligent routing to the branch offices

Why not let the application monitor and manage your traffic instead of the physical devices? You will be making the most of your WAN thanks to the flexibility and agility of the solution.

SD-WAN, or your hybrid WAN, routes the traffic both via private MPLS and public Internet connections. Thanks to the SD-WAN architecture, your administrators are able to route the traffic via existing public Internet connections with low priority and less sensible data using a management console. This means, private lines are reserved for very important data and data reacting sensitively to latency, such as SAP applications or VoIP. Thanks to the open X86 architecture, a single device can act as a router, firewall or application monitor for your WAN.

Dedicated Cloud Access – taking you to the Cloud

Public cloud services are used more and more frequently. Accessing the services via public Internet is not always sufficiently reliable and secure. For this reason, we provide a direct connection to the cloud service providers, Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA), for your company’s security.

Today, Dedicated Cloud Access already provides access to the largest public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365. Google, VMware and Softlayer are also among the cloud partners, and others will follow.

Technical implementation is accomplished via Ethernet Hub & Spoke or Point-to-Point – or IP-VPN solutions and pure IP connections protected by password authentication.

MPLS – flexible and reliable networks for companies

Scalable corporate network solutions for your voice and data communication with up to 10 Gbit/s
Diversified network options for company locations and employees in Germany and abroad as well as scalable network security for the corporate network
Guaranteed and transparent customised service quality
Turnkey solutions from the concept and the implementation through to the operation./p>

Ethernet – layer 2-based network

The Ethernet protocol is ideally suited for you if your company has several offices that are in regular contact with each other, requiring the highest demands when it comes to reliable and secure communication.

Internet – business networking

IPsec is an extension of the Internet protocol using encryption and authentication mechanisms. This provides the Internet protocol with the ability to securely transport IP packages via the public Internet.

IPsec VPN enables the establishment of secure connections between the customer’s offices. No matter where you and your employees are located, you can individually define the access rules for each site – IPsec VPN offers you the highest flexibility.

Internet access – optimal solutions for your requirements

No matter how big your company or the industry you are operating in, whether you are looking for particularly low-priced Internet access, high-speed access via fibre optics or redundancy concepts … We team up with our partners to offer a wide range of Internet access possibilities to meet your individual demands.

On demand – your flexible bandwidth solution

On-demand services – the flexible corporate solution for connecting data centres, cloud providers and office buildings.

The powerful self-service portal offers full control of your bandwidth management with one click. No unnecessary delivery times, service provision in real time and the desired flexibility – without minimum contract periods. You can choose between fixed long-term contracts and hourly billing for all services. Bandwidth on demand means the ability to increase or reduce your bandwidth for all connections as needed at any time.

On-demand services are the perfect solution for companies when it comes to cloud computing, disaster recovery, business continuity planning, content provision and many other external IT services.