From traditional servers to diversified storage solutions and revolutionary virtualisation technologies: We team up with our accomplished partners to find the perfect solution for you – gearing up for the future today!

Hyperconverged infrastructure – seemingly seamless servers and storage

Together with our partner Nutanix, we offer the most innovative and powerful solutions in the area of web-scale converged infrastructure in the portfolio.

Servers and storage from one appliance in a virtual environment. That’s the short description. What is the added value? What is so exciting about this topic that makes even the market leaders in virtualisation and storage bring solutions to market and talk about it nonstop?


The server systems in our portfolio enable the most powerful and flexible data centre solutions for companies of any size, any industry, and for all types of workload. Our solutions guarantee proven quality in the business environment, a wide range of innovative approaches and the highest efficiency. This lowers your operating costs, makes everything easier and enables greater agility for everyday tasks. Our solutions transform your IT into a real business advantage in less than no time!


Your business success is based on your data! Therefore, you should entrust professionals with handling it. We are proud to be working with NetApp and EMC, the undisputed market leaders.

However, we are always looking for new and reasonable solutions for innovation. Intelligent flash arrays by Tegile combine new technologies, such as the use of flash memory or hybrid systems, with features you will not want to go without. Easily operate any workload with state-of-the-art block and IP protocols from one system (unified storage).

Data centres – cloud services

Whether you are looking for “made in Germany” or a global player – we team up with our reliable partners to find the data centre or cloud platform that is just right for you.

What is it all about? We offer consulting services and plan and configure the perfect solutions for you.

Dedicated Cloud Access – taking you to the cloud

Public Cloud services are used more and more frequently. Accessing the services via the public Internet is not always sufficiently reliable and secure. For this reason, we provide a direct connection to the cloud service providers, Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA), for your company’s security.

Today, Dedicated Cloud Access already provides access to the largest public Cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365. Google, VMware and Softlayer are also among the Cloud partners, and others will follow.

Technical implementation is accomplished via Ethernet Hub & Spoke or Point-to-Point – or IP-VPN solutions and pure IP connections protected by password authentication.

On-demand – your flexible bandwidth solution

The powerful self-service portal offers full control of your bandwidth management with one click. No unnecessary delivery times, service provision in real time and the desired flexibility – without minimum contract periods. You can choose between fixed long-term contracts and hourly billing for all services. Bandwidth on demand means the ability to increase or reduce your bandwidth for all connections as needed at any time.

On-demand services are the perfect solution for companies when it comes to Cloud computing, disaster recovery, business continuity planning, content provision and many other external IT services.