Our goal: It is our mission to assist our customers with all their questions regarding information and communication technology.

Michael Pisch

Owner, key area: sales

Phone +49 (0)7041 8109-28
Email michael.pisch@convend.net

Peter Kohler

Owner, key area: technical consulting

Phone +49 (0)711 720707-68
Email peter.kohler@convend.net

As a business partner, CONVEND GbR offers solutions with an ideal cost-benefit-ratio. We enable the efficient development and implementation of IT and telecommunications as industrial goods – a key element for value creation with a great benefit for our customers.

Today, companies are merging more and more processes into uniform procedures. The internal IT and telecommunication infrastructure not only supports these processes, it is also becoming highly interconnected.

We see our task in assisting our customers in modernising their information and communication technology and supporting them in the planning and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies. We provide manufacturer-independent services in the information and telecommunication environment.

We provide comprehensive and competent support based on our team’s know-how and more than two decades’ experience

CONVEND GbR consulting and sales means we team up with our competent partners to offer our customers and their business the best possible service.

CONVEND stands for experience and best practices, expert know-how and a strong foundation of trust.

Holistic communication solutions

We help our customers to implement a holistically structured, powerful IT and communication strategy.

Competent technical implementation

Working with our accomplished partners is key to providing competent services and products from the CONVEND portfolio.

Consulting and support

We offer individually tailored complete solutions – you benefit from straightforward, user-friendly and reliable technologies.